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Traveling Petting Zoo

Price ListTraveling Petting Zoo

Your party host will arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled time, and will clean up and leave your area the way they found it (maybe short on some grass). Your host will tell your guests a little about all of the animals and their purpose on our farm. Guests will be able to feed and interact with the animals.

Barnyard Animals
1 hour included
2 Alpacas
2 Goats
1 Sheep
1 Cow
Additional hours available for $150/hr.
Pony Rides
Package includes a miniature horse ready to give your guests 50lbs and under a ride.
Upgrade to a full sized horse for $50
OR Add a second miniature horse for $100
Miniature horse will come dressed as a unicorn for $50
Most Fun
Pony Rides & Petting Zoo
Includes the Barnyard Animals package + a Miniature Horse.
Includes the Barnyard Animals package + a Miniature Horse.
Each party goer is allowed a pony ride.
1 horse required per 15 children.
Upgrade to full sized horse for $50, or add one on for $100.
Additional horse can be added for $150 an hour.
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