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Available Every Day Except Easter & Christmas!

Where alpaca the zoo, and bring them to YOU!

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Funny Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. We will have the event, rain or shine. We have canopies to keep the animals dry. The only thing we will not do in the rain is pony rides. Please prepare to still have us attend your event on rainy days. If your event is canceled, the deposit is nonrefundable.

**We are willing to reschedule if our schedule allows, but we do book pretty fast and typically fill up. 

In order to hold your date, we take a 25% booking fee. The remaining balance is due 48 hours BEFORE your event. In the event you cancel a booking, the deposit is NON-refundable. We will send you an invoice that you will be able to make payments using any debit or credit card. 

Mileage is included for the first 20 miles out of area code 21811. Beyond that, a mileage rate will be added at a rate of $1.50 per mile.

We would love to work with you! Please reach out to us to start a conversation!